Satellite Media Tours

satellite media toursSatellite Media Tours are one of the most effective ways to communicate your message. With an SMT you are able to communicate your message, anywhere in the world, live! Our seasoned team of journalists, producers and publicists will work with you to set the stage for successful interviews via television and radio outlets, complete with video roll-ins, inviting sets, and well-directed talent.

In today’s news environment, airtime is sparse and the demand for ratings is fierce. Comtel understands that and will craft an SMT that not only delivers your key message but engages the viewing audience by building strong relevance. 

Leveraging from our strong PBS network of studios and production facilities around the country, our SMTs deliver national audiences, millions of impressions, and interviews from the most impactful journalists in the U.S.


Remote Productions

satellite media toursWhether you need someone to handle a live news interview, stream a panel discussion, or broadcast a television event, Comtel can handle all your needs. Together with our PBS owners and production partners, "All Mobile Video," we can handle any live or live to tape event around the globe. 


Corporate Video Production

corporate video productionIn our increasingly visual world, the most effective way to communicate your story or message is through video. And thanks to social media, there are now a wealth of avenues to distribute that message. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to do it right. And that means a well written, well produced and well edited video. Does your sales staff, website, or convention booth need a fresh video to tell your story? Perhaps you’re getting ready to launch a new product, or need to reach employees or welcome guests to your facility in an engaging way? We create corporate videos of all kinds for all kinds of companies; from major Fortune 500 international giants to large/mid-size companies around the U.S.

Our team of top notch producers and editors know how to visually tell a story, engage audiences and energize viewers through video. We can help motivate the masses or the individual with our strong storytelling skills. We know how to take very dry and/or complicated topics and make them sing, presenting it in a way that is understandable, interesting and engaging to watch. We have camera crews in all major cities domestically and internationally, and can create videos in a multitude of languages. 


Long-Form Video Production

long form productionThe secret to producing a winning show is great writing, great distribution and a great network like PBS behind you. If you are looking to create a daily program, a news special, novella, sitcom, drama, or ongoing entertainment talk show, Comtel is a the perfect partner for you. We are well positioned and staffed to help bring your concept to life on screen.

Getting Your News Out Through Video

In order to compete in a very crowded news space you have to stand out. The best way to do this is with video. Thanks to social media, you can be your own broadcaster, distributing your video press releases on your own social media channels. Video is also a great way to engage journalists. The news environment for video news releases (VNRs) and b-roll packages has become more challenging, but opportunities still exist.

With an experienced staff of journalists, producers, and publicists, we can help you determine which is the best tool to deliver your message. We will create a detailed schedule from pre to post-production to deliver your video in the appropriate timeframe. Whether your project involves a quick turnaround, same-day shoot, edit and distribution, or a long planned production, Comtel can make it happen. Our extensive video and music library also provides the extra elements to make your production stand out.